The following is an example of how to use the util to quickly map data from xml into a typed object.

private var loader:URLLoader;
private var exampleVO:ExampleVO;

private function init():void 
	exampleVO = new ExampleVO();
	var url:String = "config.xml";
	loader = new URLLoader();
	var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
	loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, OnLoadComplete);

First you’ll need to load or embed your xml object.

private function OnLoadComplete(e:Event):void 
{, exampleVO);

Then on load complete simply call and pass in the xml data along with the object you’d like the data mapped to.

example source xml is as follows:

	1, 3.2, test
	0xded6ce, 0xd1d6e0, 0xcddce2

and ExampleVO is as follows:

	public class ExampleVO 
		public var arrayExample:Array;
		public var intExample:int;
		public var numberExample:Number;
		public var stringExample:String;
		public var uintExample:uint;
		public var vectorExample:Vector.;
		public var xmlExample:XML;

private function OnLoadComplete(e:Event):void 
{, exampleVO);

By using MonsterDebugger to display the content of exampleVO you can see that the xml data has successfully been mapped into our as3 object.

Source code can be downloaded from github