For the past 18 months I’ve been working on Haxeling (original post), a port of the popular 2D hardware accelerated framework Starling. The port has been going astonishingly well over this period and has been used on countless projects. The only thing that has bugged me throughout this period has been the fact that there has been multiple Haxe ports of Starling with the same goal in mind, effectively resulting in fragmented development. Additionally due to Starling’s reliances on OpenFL’s implementation of Stage3D there have been a number of instances where there have been breaking changes when updating OpenFL.

That being said I’m pleased to announce that today we’re joining forces with OpenFL to deliver a single port of Starling. The new port will be available via the openfl repository openfl/starling and haxelib. The most important thing to take away from this is now that OpenFL and Starling development is handled within the same organization breaking changes will be a lot less likely.

Please note that given that the majority of the code found in the new starling has come from vroad‘s port, so there is the possibility that behavior is going to be slightly different. This being the case, if you are currently using Haxeling I strongly suggest you test the new version and feedback as soon as possible.

A huge thanks to vroad for all his work on the port to date and Joshua for facilitating this transition.

Note: the current release is based off the 1.8 branch, we will be working towards a 2.x release  in the coming months.