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I’m pleased to announce the alpha release of haxe-starling (aka Haxling), a Haxe port of the “Starling Framework“, the popular AS3 hardware accelerated 2D graphics library. haxe-starling currently supports Flash, AIR for desktop, AIR for mobile and HTML5 as targets. That being said we will look at the feasibility of expanding to other Haxe platforms in the future.


To the right you’ll find the flash and html5 sample applications which are bundled in the github repo. These demonstrate the capabilities that are currently supported. You’ll notice not all features have yet been ported.

The benchmark test tends to perform best when you run each instance in its own page.

Missing functionality / work in progress:

  • Flash/AIR
    • ATF texture format / artifacts
  • HTML5
    • htmlText styling
    • ATF textures
  •  Native
    • Render Texture
    • Masks crashing app
    • Text styling
    • htmlText styling
    • Sound Triggering
    • Filters crashing app
    • ATF textures
haxe swf version view on its own

haxe js version

view on its own

Github repo can be found here: [repo path=”Haxeling/haxe-starling”]

Starling haxelib repo:

  • Download and install haxelib
  • Open a command line and type:
haxelib install starling

Download Adobe Air version here or CPP version here

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Release Note


Fixed issue where if last char/word of text had to wrap it was being skipped altogether.
get_stage fix for HTML5
Fixes for Video Texture
shared context fix
DisplayObjectContainer removeChild event dispatch fix
TextureAtlas and Feathers updates
Fix DisplaymentMapFilter openfl 3.6 incompatibility
fix BlendMode switching
fix internal blendmode switching which also resolves ATF issue on flash target
scale9 color property added
textfield formatting update
added AIR icons and batch files to demo
work on Flash Target ATF
switch demo to use next
remove findCommonParent throw error
fix stage resize issue


Updated to work with OpenFL 3.5.3 and Lime 2.8.2
HTML5 Masks support added
HTML5 Filters support added
HTML5 RenderTexture updates
Flash/AIR filter fix


Flash/AIR antialiasing fix


HTML5 RenderTexture fixes


HTML5 BitmapFont support fixed
HTML5 htmlText styling added (alpha)
Flash/AIR Filter support added


Flash BitmapFont support