This video features projects produced by Peter J Shand during 2012 and were created in collaboration with RESN, Circul8 and Imagination. The projects all use Flash 11 stage3d technology, enabling full 1080p 60fps rendering. A big thank you goes to the many contributors of the Away3d and Starling frameworks.

EDF Light Games (RESN – Wellington)
The EDF Light Games serves up a series of 7 Olympic sports events brought to life on desktop, touchscreen and as an iPad app. The Games were created with Flash 11’s stage3d technology and utilized the away3d library.

Wrapped In Merino (Circul8 – Sydney)
Wrapped in Merino connected people with wool globally, asking them to collaboratively design a giant virtual scarf. Again the site was built with Flash 11’s stage3d technology and utilized the away3d library. Users were prompted to upload a photo, take a snap with their webcam or select a photo from facebook. They could then customize their portion of the scarf. The site was integrated with facebook, twitter and pinterest, allowing the users to share their creation & encourage friends to join in.

GE Innovation (Imagination – Sydney)
12 touch screen applications, along with 4 additional supporting applications were developed for the GE Saudi Arabia Innovation Center. Adobe air was used to package the applications and the Away3D and Starling frameworks were used extensively throughout the applications to produce full 1080p 60 frames per second experiences.