Create Space – Health – Video Creation Tool

The TAC Learning Studio is an space designed to educate high school students about safety on the road. It consists of two rooms, each of which contain 5 “pods”. The Health app is completed in sessions controlled by a teacher or facilitator. A Teacher Login app is available on an iPads which is used to control the session. The teacher enters a name and email address at the start of the session.

Once a session has been created all pods in the corresponding studio will activate and allow students to login by tapping their Road to Zero NFC card on the card readers. Students are split up into groups of 3 to 5 and each group proceeds to login to the table. The students are then guided through various stages of research and ideation so they have a good understanding of road risk factors and ideal target behaviours as well as being given the chance to coming up with a catchy slogan to get their message across.

The next stage of the application requires the students to take their slogan and build a video advert around it. They are able to browse video clips, text and audio within the gallery panel, they can then drag these items into the timeline and arrange accordingly. There is text style editing tools and color filters. Once they have finished creating their video they will be prompted to check their names for the credits screen (they can edit them if needed). The students are then able to preview their creation one last time before finally submitting it for approval. Once students have finished editing a video the teacher can approve the pod on the Teacher Login app or ask the students to amend the video (Health app only).


Once all pods have been approved the session can be completed by the teacher. A list of edits is sent to the render PC (MM-LSPC28) which renders and uploads .mp4 files to the server. The render PC contains the same video and audio content as the pod computers, so only JSON data is transferred from the pods to the render PC, not full videos.

The teacher will be emailed with links to all of the students’ videos. After this the students will be emailed to the address associated with their Zerocard. The Post Experience Website may include the student’s video, Physics CSV or Experience Space information based on what the student completed.

Video rendering and emails are batch processed. All emails should be received within approximately 8 hours after the experience has been completed.

Role and responsibilities

  • Health App Development
  • Holiday Program App Development
  • Rendering App
  • Installation

Software Development Credits

  • Ashley Morris – Digital Design Lead
  • John Tantoco – Digital Designer
  • Pete Shand – Lead Developer
  • Aidan Temple – Backend Developer
  • Mark Davies – EP
  • Kate Bennett – Producer