Create Space – Science – VR Learning Tool

To help high school students learn about the relationships between speed and friction on car stopping distances we created a VR and touch screen experience. Students were first guided through key insights about the topic on the touch screen, gaining insights into the impacts of speed, and an understanding of the notion of inertia, as described in Newton’s first law of motion. They were then able to make estimates about stopping distance at various speeds and weather conditions, and take turns using the VR application.

Students then apply their learning to a team based challenge examining the roles of setting speed limits and designing roads for safety. Teams have their scores displayed on a shared lived leaderboard. This was accomplished by synchronizing multiple instances of the application over a local peer to peer network. Class data sets and student work is sent to the teacher after the program for analysis and exploration back at school.

An additional add on was created to address Covid 19 concerns, where all interaction would take place on the touch screen and secondary wall mounted screen.

Role and responsibilities

  • Software Development
  • Installation

Software Development Credits

  • John Tantoco – Lead Designer
  • Pete Shand – Lead Developer
  • Michal Moczynski – Senior Developer
  • Mark Davies – EP
  • Liv Howard – Producer