“Energy Inefficiency” Touch Screen Interactive Application that is installed in the GE Masdar Innovation Centre.
(double click to enter full-screen, best viewed at 16×9)


The application was developed using actionscript 3.0 and the ASC 2.0 compiler. It was published to an air 3.9 application. This is essentially the same code that would be used if we were to publish to the web via the flash player or to android and iOS via the air for Android and iOS packager.
The Away3D library was used extensively through the applications. Notably it was employed in conjunction with the AGAL shader language to create the water and content grid animation.
Multitouch uTouch screens were used to display the application.
The Starling Framework was used to take advantage of Flash 11’s GPU accelerated Stage3D graphics. Using Starling and Stage3D means that our applications can run up to and exceeding full HD at a silky smooth 60 fps while utilizing extremely low CPU processing power.


Dhani Sutanto – Digital Design John Tantoco – Digital Design Pete Shand – Lead Creative Developer Jon Rout – Digital Producer