EDF Energy – Light Games

In 2011 I worked with RESN to build the EDF Light Games, a series of 7 online sports games in French and English.
We chose to reinvent the way the humble computer mouse is used for gaming – our solution, and what is believed to be an Olympic first, was to track the mouse light (or mobile phone) with a user’s webcam. For the first time, the optical light is the controller. Our technical approach was to implement sophisticated image recognition through a user’s webcam to allow control of both the games and the website itself using gestural controls of either the mouse’s own optical light or of a special mobile phone enhanced site. Taking things to the next level of awesome, in-game environmental elements such as water were represented as 3D beams of light; created using the latest in hardware accelerated shaders (which are pretty hard to build but look pretty stunning). For users whose machines pre-date social media we also built a fall back with good old software accelerated 3D, so no one’s mum would miss out.