CBA Big Data Insights

We recently completed the first stage of the CBA Big Data Insights application which was displayed at the Sydney CeBIT Exhibition 05-07 May 2014. So what is Big Data Insights all about? CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia) are in a position where 40% of all transactions in Australia go through their system either via customer or merchant transactions. This gives them the unique ability to analyze this data and create extremely useful insights for businesses all around Australia. Big Data Insights is an application to showcase some of the insights that are available in CBA’s Daily IQ iPad Application.


The Brix i7-477 was selected to run the projector portion of the experience. This little guy fits in the palm of your hand and still runs our application in full HD at a silky smooth 60 fps.
The Starling Framework was used to take advantage of Flash 11’s GPU accelerated Stage3D graphics. Using Starling and Stage3D means that our applications can run up to and exceeding full HD at a silky smooth 60 fps while utilizing extremely low CPU processing power.
For the mobile portion of this project we utilized Air for Android. This meant that both the projector and mobile application were able to share the same code base and removed the need to double up on core functionality.

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Digital Credits

Jamie Foulston – Art Direction
Lee Hung Nguyen – Digital Design
Lyndon Hale – Creative Direction
Michal Moczynski – Projector App Lead Developer
Jonathan Kafkaris – Mobile App Lead Developer
Pete Shand – Development Support / Testing
Clint Francis – Development Support
Jon Rout – Digital Producer
Jake Soper – Digital Producer