CBA – Business Bar Solutions

CBA Business Bar Solutions is a Multitaction touch table activation which allows users to interrogate areas of innovation within the financial industry, explore relevant case-studies and related products. We also created a secondary display application which displays related content on the projection screens behind the table. Additionally thanks to the cross platform nature of Haxe (programming language) we were also able to port the experiance to a tablet application from the same codebase, allowing hosts to take the experience on the road.  


We utilized a number of technology to deliver this project. The frontend desktop/multitaction app, background projection app and tablet application were all built with the Haxe programming language. OpenFL, Starling and Robotlegs were the core libraries used to develop these apps. The touch table is a Multitaction, while far from perfect, it’s more or less the only option currently.  

Role & Responsibility

  • Technical Direction
  • Frontend Application Development
  • Installation
  • Core Code Library

Software Development Credits

  • Charles Tait – Project Lead / Producer
  • Marion Baillat – Product Manager
  • Michal Moczynski – App Development
  • Tom Byrne – CMS / App Development
  • Markus Strazds – CMS Development
  • John Tantoco – Digital Designer
  • Pete Shand – App Development & Technical Direction