Haxe Libraries


Starling For Haxe

A Haxe port of the “Starling Framework“, the popular AS3 hardware accelerated 2D graphics library.


Robotlegs for Haxe

Port of the popular AS3 Micro-Architecture framework Robotlegs v2.2.1. Supports OpenFL, Away3d and Starling






Amazon Alexa and Haxe

A Haxe libray which can be used to interface with the Amazon Alexa skills kit API


Haxe related posts

Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Example

Source code demonstrating how to layer Away3d and Starling within the same Haxe/OpenFL project




Starling & runtime texture packer

Load assets into haxe-starling via runtime texture packer




Away3d & runtime texture packer

Load assets into away3d-openfl via runtime texture packer




Realtime Texture Packer

Realtime Texture Packer for swf assets in Haxe Flash and HTML5 targets





Animate swf assets

Animate swf assets in Haxe Flash and HTML5 targets




Assets loading

Load swf/swc assets into Haxe Flash or HTML5 targets



Haxe Away3d Starling Interoperation Sneak Peek

The following is a sneak peek of the haxe version of Starling, Away3D and Robotlegs all playing together.


Delay Library

A small library designed to simplify delayed callbacks



Away3D Bitmap Fonts

An example of bitmap fonts running within away3D-openfl targeting both HTML5 and Flash.